Mountain Running for Fun and Fitness

Mountain running is a sport that takes place on mountainous terrain and encourages endurance, strength, and fitness.

Mountain Running

Running is one of the earliest activities known to man as it has aided man to hunt and survive through ages. Over time, running became not just a recreational activity but also a competitive activity. One of such running activities is mountain running.

Mountain running takes place mainly off-road in mountainous terrain. It is a form of trail activity and combines running, jogging, climbing, and walking, depending on how steep the trail is.

The sport evolved with so many governing bodies until 1984 when the International Committee for Mountain Running was formed and in 1998 was renamed the World Mountain Running Association.

The organisation staged the first annual World Mountain Running Trophy and in 2002, the IAAF (now World Athletics) officially recognised the World Trophy as an international competition. In 2009, the name was changed to the World Mountain Running Championships.

There are many mountain running competitions around the world as well as benefits of engaging in mountain running. Avid runners travel all over the world to take part in these races. Some of the competitions are quite elite and draw the best runners in the world.

Running and Mountains

Mountains are very good places to run. The rough terrains, the rocky grounds, the steep ascents, and the descents make it an interesting activity. It builds character and fitness.

Mountain Running Races

There are many mountain-running competitions. These are dependent on the terrain and distance to be covered. There are men, women, as well as youth categories.

Training to Run

There are basic items for mountain running. Shorts, tops, headwear, visors, and hydration packs are some of them. A runner must train with them to get used to them.

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