The Scafell Sky Race™ is designed to compare favourably with the original ethos of SkyRunning™. It is an authentic test of strength, endurance, speed, balance and skill, it is uncompromising in precision of foot and hand placements. This will challenge the hardiest of mountain and trail runners. There is nowhere to hide once committed to the route. Mountain Run Events have to ensure that the route is as safe as possible. However, that is not to take away from the inherent risk factors and appeal of the race.

You must be confident in your ability to enter and complete the race. 

  • All competitors must be confident in their ability to move across exposed ground in all but the harshest of weather conditions;
  • There are sections of the route where one wrong foot placement, one incorrect handhold, one loose rock could result in a serious mountain incident. Competitors must be experienced enough to eliminate their own risk and that towards others;
  • There will be multiple manned control points on the course, and there are 'bail out' routes for anyone who picks up a walking wounded injury;
  • Competitors must take responsibility for themselves, and fellow racers, during the race. The ability to exercise Sound Mountain Judgement is vitally important. Small incremental errors can lead to disaster.

Emergency Procedure

Any runner must halt their race to offer help to any fellow competitor who is in trouble or injured. Anyone who is found not to have helped a fellow competitor may be disqualified and barred from entering any future Mountain Run Events.

Bad Weather Course

There will be a bad weather course. If the race director decide to implement this, it will be announced at the earliest possible opportunity (usually at the race safety talk just prior to the competitors loading onto the coaches).

Open Tracking timing

The race will utilise Open Tracking GPS units to track the competitors along the route. As the competitor runs through the 'manned' checkpoint the Open Tracking System will directly log their position and the fact they have moved through that checkpoint. This works within only a 10m radius of the checkpoint, so any runner not running RIGHT through the checkpoint will be disqualified at the finish. This is a tried and tested method of allowing the race director, from his remote location, to understand what is happening on the hill. All checkpoints will be manned with a minimum of 2 experience 'on the hill' marshals. These 'on the hill' marshals will also be taking your number to make sure, as a fail safe, that you have actually moved through this checkpoint. Please make sure you shout your number out clearly for each marshal. 


Competitors must understand and know how to cope with the common injuries such as sprains, cuts and dehydration. They must be able to identify the signs of hyper- and hypothermia (elevated or lowered body temperature). They must also understand the onset of hyper- and hyponatremia (excessive or low levels of sodium in the blood), and have an understanding of the symptoms of rhabdomyalgia (breakdown of muscle tissue resulting in the release of muscle fibres into the bloodstream).

Competitors must be fit and in good health on race day.

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