Rules and Declaration


  1. This event is held in accordance to the ISF and SkyrunningUK rules. The following additional rules and minimum kit requirements must also be adhered to.
  2. All finishers and retirees must report back to the Race Director/Timekeeper at the Event Centre. They must return their OpenTracking GPS tracking devices. This is a vitally important safety system and failure to maintain this rule will result in Scafell Sky Race needing to charge you £150 for this error. Returning the GPS tracking device is 'THE GOLDEN RULE'.
  3. Any unreturned or damaged GPS trackers will be charged out at the rate of £150.
  4. All competitors must follow the countryside code, especially in relation to shutting gates. It is also forbidden to climb any walls or fences. 
  5. All competitors must stay on the fully way-marked course.
  6. All competitors must follow either the race route or the bad-weather route, as dictated by the Race Director or any officials of the race (i.e. marshals on the course). Similarly, any 'on the hill' safety announcements from marshals must be adhered to - these might include race abandonment or to wear waterproofs. The Race Director reserves the right to cancel the race.
  7. Race numbers must not be obscured during the race and worn on the FRONT of your chest. Race numbers must be given to marshals on the course. This is an important safety feature. Any competitor failing to do this will be disqualified and face a lifetime ban from Scafell Sky Race™ and any associated events.
  8. There is a minimum age limit of 18 years old as of 14th of July 2017.
  9. The carrying of GPS enabled devices is encouraged. 
  10. Ability to self-rescue in the event of injury is a must. Competitors must carry mapping (digital or analogue) to aid self-rescue. We recommend the 1:40000 British Mountain Map Lake District produced by Harvey Maps
  11. Competitors must have good experience of mountain trail running and be confident in highly exposed situations. By entering this race they accept the risks that are inherent running over extremely technical terrain in the mountains.
  12. Use a whistle if in distress – 6 long blasts on the minute, every minute. Do not stop as rescuers may be using your whistles to locate you.
  13. Earphones: We have taken the decision to ban earphones from the race. This is for safety reasons. It is important to be fully aware of your surroundings, wearing earphones does not allow this. Any competitor found running with earphones will risk disqualification from the race.
  14. Competitors must offer help to any other stricken competitor. 
  15. Withdrawl pre-race – a full refund, minus an administration fee of £25, will be offered up to EIGHT weeks before the race. Withdrawals after 14th May 2017 will be entitled to a first refusal option to enter the following year's race (this is a deferral and will carry an admin charge of £25, as we have already committed costs for the race at this point), but no refund at all will be available. After the cut off of entries there will not be any deferrals or refunds available as we will have fully committed with all costs to the race. 
  16. Dogs: Although we love dogs and run with them as our regular training partners, we are afraid to say to all your dog owners, that you are not able to bring your dog with you to race at the Scafell Sky Race™. This is due to many sensible reasons, one being farmers and sheep! Please do not attempt to run with your dog after the start has commenced, as you will be disqualified and risk banning from this event and all future SkyRunning UK events in the future. 


  • I understand that participation in Scafell Sky Race™ is a potentially dangerous activity, involving varied risks and accept all responsibilities associated with the race, including, but not limited to weather and its effects on individuals, ground condition, injury, loss, death, intense cold or heat conditions (such as hypothermia, hyperthermia, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia).
  • By entering this event, I agree that I will only take part on the day if I am in good health and will have undertaken adequate training for the distance that I am running. I understand that the organisers will take reasonable steps to promote my safety and that I must comply with all instructions given by the race organisers and marshals.
  • I confirm that I have considerable mountain experience, moving fast across rough terrain and have experience of scrambling on grade III routes. I confirm that my experience and knowledge is sufficient to look after my own needs during the race.
  • I confirm that I can exercise SOUND MOUNTAIN JUDGEMENT, making personal decisions to protect my own safety when confronted with adverse weather conditions. I confirm that I can and will mitigate my own risks by being fully prepared to take part in Scafell Sky Race™.
  • I confirm that I am self-sufficient, and can deal with an emergency situation should it happen. 
  • I confirm that I can self-evacuate from remote areas. 
  • I confirm that I will not push myself beyond the bounds of sensibility, and retire from the race, if necessary, at the earliest possible opportunity, so as not to put other people in harm's way. I know my own limitations and will endeavour to avoid putting any other person at risk through my actions.
  • I confirm that I can competently follow a way-marked course, but that I can also competently use a map and compass or GPS system to navigate back to safety in the event of getting lost, injured or needing to retire from the race.
  • I confirm that if I retire from the race, at any stage, or for any reason, be it injury, fatigue or some other reason, then I will report immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, my retirement to a race marshal, and upon returning to the event centre, I shall report my retirement to the Race Director. 
  • I confirm that if I retire, I will return the timing device to the Race Director.
  • I confirm, and allow, the race organisers, associated media partners to use imagery (still or moving) in marketing materials to promote future editions of the race, or any new race promoted by Mountain Run Events. I confirm that any imagery may be used to promote the race, including but not excluding online, in printed media, video, news or broadcast.
  • I confirm that I have read all race literature, as displayed on the website, or through links provided on the website.
  • I confirm that I agree to release Mountain Run Events, its staff, agents, representatives, associates, sponsors, marshals, and volunteers for any and all liability, including but not limited to claims, liability, damages, demands, causes of actions for any loss, damage, injury, claim, legal fees or action arising from my participation in the Scafell Sky Race™. This release extends to any claim made by my family, estate, heirs, or assigns arising from or in any way connected with the aforementioned activities. This release does not include a release to Mountain Run Events for acts of its own negligence.
  • Mountain Run Events accepts its responsibility to make it's courses as safe as is reasonably practicable. However, adventurous activities are inherently hazardous and cannot be completely risk free, however hard we try. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from Mountain Run Events or its staff. Mountain Run Events can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury not arising as a result of its own act or default. I understand and accept the above statements and accept that I have a responsibility to take careful note of instructions and to act in a way that will minimise the likelihood of injury. I am fit for the course and will inform Mountain Run Events before the course of any special medical conditions that might affect my safety.

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