2017 results will be love extremely quickly after the races have finished, see the links below.

View the Inaugural 2017 Scafell Sky Race results here -

View the 2017 Lakes Sky Ultra results here -

View the 2016 results here -

View 2015 results HERE

Results and winning times are based on the course run in the respective year. So far we have had 2 years of the LSU and 2 different courses due to the weather conditions. 

Eirik Haugsnes and Sarah Ridgway set tough records to beat considering the conditions in 2015. This was almost the full course, minus Pinnacle Ridge. On the trophy this is reflected by the bracketed letters (NPR), this means 'No Pinnacle Ridge'. 

In 2016 Eirik Haugsnes was unable to return to defend his title, but Sarah Ridgway did return to smash her own record set in 2015. 

Donnie Campbell and Sarah Ridgway set new records in 2016 on the full course as the weather conditions did allow us to run the full course. This is reflected in the Trophies with the letters (FC), we have also added some more letters to this, being (NCR), meaning 'New Course Record. So the letters for 2016 are (FC/NCR) meaning 'Full Course/New Course Record'. 

Below are the abbreviations we will use for the future of the LSU race, with respect to the results and winners trophies. 

FC - Full Course

BWC - Bad Weather Course

NCR - New Course Record

NPR - No Pinnacle Ridge

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