Competitor Experience

This race is not for the faint-hearted. Mountain skills and experience will be required.

Make no mistake - this is an event with inherent risks involved. There are several sections where exposure will be high. You will need to be able to confidently move across technical and demanding mountain terrain. Whilst competitor safety is our top priority, and we will have done everything possible to ensure safe completion of the race, your safety is ultimately your own individual responsibility, as it is on any adventure into mountainous terrain. If your knees wobble, you fear exposure at height or are uncomfortable with using your hands on rock this race is not for you.

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Charlie (Race Director) enjoying coming out of the 'crux' corner on Pinnacle Ridge ©MovieIt

We expect aspirant runners to have completed SEVERAL MOUNTAIN RACES OR MOUNTAIN RUN'S within the last 5 years, OF A SIMILAR SEVERITY TO LAKES SKY ULTRA with a minimum distance covered of 30miles/50km - e.g. Lakeland50, Keswick Mountain Festival 50km; 3x3 80km, V3K, Glencoe Skyline etc.

Further to this, you must demonstrate your scrambling/rock climbing experience and ability. Please understand, when we say scrambling/rock climbing ability we actually mean hands and feet on rock, 3 points of contact, full rock climbing experience. If you are unsure, please email the race director before putting in your pre-race entry. 

This is not to scare anyone off the Lakes Sky Ultra, we want you to enter, have a great day and complete the race. However, the race does involve technical running over severe rocky ridges such as Swirral and Striding Edge and also involves actual 'rock climbing' up Pinnacle Ridge. This involves in the main easy rock scrambling until the 'crux' corner is reached. At this point we will have a 'daisy chained' rope in place for your safety and further enjoyment of the route, but we expect most of you not to use this 'handrail'. There will also be a fully qualified 'Mountain Guide' in place at the top of this section, ready to come and assist any that find themselves in difficulty. But please understand, this is not to say the 'Mountain Guide' is there to help you climb the corner, but is only there SHOULD you find your are not up to the job once started! Remember, you have been 'vetted' and you have advised you can climb 'the ridge' in all but the worst weather conditions, of which it is actually climbable in ALL conditions. 

If you actually find on the day you would rather not attempt the ridge or corner for what ever reason, you can opt to take the non climbing way round, but this will render you with a finishing place at the back of the field, i.e you will become NON COMPETITIVE grown this point on. 

Please detail your experience on the entry form at SI Entries. Applications will be responded to as soon as possible, but we will aim to do so within 48 hours. 

The Race Director will have the final decision on whether to allow an aspirant competitor to race.

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Charlie (Race Director) showing the airy way of crossing the Pinnacle's ©MovieIt


Entering Lakes Sky Ultra™ indicates that you accept full responsibility for your own safety or any injury sustained during the race. Please ensure that you have read the Safety page and race rules & declaration page before entering the race.

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